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Ideal for flue cured tobacco seedlings

1. Ina Plastics' Double tray system is already being used for several years mainly in the vegetable young plant propagation industry.
2. It efficiently replaces the EPS tray in the greenhouse, providing a robust and at the same time cost effective solution to the known problems caused by the EPS.
3. The main purpose of the system's design is the development of healthy, top quality plants.
4. The materials used for its production also allow it to be 100% recyclable, thus eco-friendly.
5. Thanks to its engineering it manages to drop the logistics and transport costs to a minimum.

- The system consists of two parts, the top tray where the plants grow and the base tray used for support.
- Put together they work as one rigid tray.
- After research Ina Plastics successfully managed to give it its floating ability.
- Thanks to the systems engineering, a small change in the material of the base allows it to float.
- Trials conducted in many different areas prove that the DTS makes the perfect tool for the development of tobacco seedlings.

- The floating characteristics of the DTS where significantly improved and the product gained the ability to carry more than 7 kg of weight on it while on water.
- Floating DTS was born.
- The first trials where carried out in hydroponic cultivations of tobacco and the results were very encouraging.
- The first trials were carried out by SEKE S.A. ( COOPERATIVE UNION OF THE TOBACCO GROWERS OF GREECE).
- SEKE SA was founded in 1947 and is one of the most recognizable industries for tobacco processing. Located in the North of Greece, SEKE' s personnel is distinguished for its highly scientific and technical training.
- The variety of the tobacco seed used was NC196. Date of sowing was the 20thof April 2014.
- Trials were successful and the system was commercially adopted by SEKE since 2014.
- The DTS trays used were the 67X33 cm with 210 cell and 24 ml cell volume. After SEKE' s trials, many other trials followed to prove the system's success.

The floating DTS behaved perfectly on the water beds verifying its floating characteristics
The plants showed premature growth vs. plants in the traditional tray.
The roots were not damaged in any case.
The extraction of the plants from the tray was very easy.
The disinfection procedure for the DTS base tray, which will remain to the green house in order to be reused, is much quicker and simpler. A big number of trays can be dipped together (small volume) and the glossy finish of the tray make disinfection more effective.
The top tray will leave with the plants for the field. After their use, they can be recycled. If the top trays will be treated with a relative care, and the grower chooses so, they can be returned to the green house to be disinfected and reused.

- 30% lower cost from the traditional trays.
- 20% more plants per square meter.
- 90% less storage space required from the traditional trays.
- Convenient and fast separation the plant tray from base tray
- Does not damage the roots of the plants.
- The base tray of the system can be used up to eight times (2years).
- Disinfection of the base tray is simple and the most economical.
- Completely ecological solution as both trays are recyclable.

DTS Top Trays
Product identity Size (cm) No. of Cells Cell Dimension (mm) Cell Volume (ml) Items/Pallet Pallet Size (cm)
DTS-T040 52x32 40 52x54x65 99 2400 100x120x230
DTS-T054 60x40 54 53x53x59 112 1650 100x120x230
DTS-T077 60x40 77 48x48x67 64 1650 100x120x230
DTS-T150 60x40 150 32x32x60 32 2400 100x120x230
DTS-T228 60x40 228 24x24x55 18 1760 100x120x230
DTS-T072 67x33 72 45.5x45.5x72 72 1665 100x120x230
DTS-T128 67x33 128 38x38x65 42 1665 100x120x230
DTS-T171 67x33 171 30.5x30.5x66 30 1665 100x120x230
DTS-T210 67x33 210 28x28x58 22 1665 100x120x230
DTS-T300 67x33 300 23x23x50 15 1665 100x120x230
DTS-T406 67x33 406 20x20x47 10 1665 100x120x230
DTS�Base Trays
Product identity Size (cm) No. of Cells Cell Dimension (mm) Cell Volume (ml) Items/Pallet Pallet Size (cm)
DTS-B040 54x32 40 2400 100x120x230
DTS-B054 60x40 54 2200 100x120x230
DTS-B077 60x40 77 1650 100x120x230
DTS-B150 60x40 150 2200 100x120x230
DTS-B228 60x40 228 1760 100x120x230
DTS-B072 67x33 72 - - 1665 100x120x230
DTS-B128 60x40 128 1760 100x120x230
DTS-B171 67x33 171 1665 100x120x230
DTS-B210 67x33 210 1665 100x120x230
DTS-B300 67x33 300 1665 100x120x230
DTS-B406 67x33 406 - - 1665 100x120x230

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